Product Description

Bryte Specialist Motor’s Transporter Insurance has been developed for customers operating vehicle fleets, be it one heavy commercial vehicle or an entire fleet and/or combined vehicle fleets such as trucks; trailers; special types; private motor and light delivery vehicles; buses; and goods in transit.

Special products include:

  • The Concrete Mixer product designed for those customers who require specific insurance cover relating to ready-mix concrete vehicles
  • The Claybrick product protects operators who exclusively transport clay bricks
  • The Short and Medium Haul covers transport operators who do not exceed a limited radius for any one trip. It is for both truck and trailer vehicle fleets
  • The Transporter Excess Reducer is sold together with other Bryte Specialised Motor products in cases where the transporter sees the benefit of paying additional premiums to reduce policy excesses to nil or a more affordable rate
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