Product Description


  • You are a B-to-B business with a turnover of more than €7 million,
  • You want to make your commercial transactions safe and protect your company from the risk of unpaid commercial debts, whether as a result of bankruptcy or late payment.


TradeLiner safe-guards your cash flow and is an effective tool to enhance your credit management… bringing you peace of mind, financial stability and facilitating the healthy growth of your business.

TradeLiner means continuous prevention and protection from the risk of non-payment of:

  • Sales on your domestic and export markets,
  • Sales of your subsidiaries.


Operations insured include:

  • Consumer goods,
  • Services,
  • Operations linked to international trade.


The source of risk may be:

  • Commercial: non-payment by your customer,
  • Political: non-payment due to your customer’s country (e.g. government decision),
  • Linked to a natural disaster.
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