Product Description

iWYZE Gap Cover offers excellent In-Hospital, In- and Out-of-Hospital Oncology and Out-of-Hospital benefits to cover defined medical expense shortfalls for tariffs, oncology, sub-limits, co-payments and deductibles, plus a Benefit Extender in addition to the core benefits.

iWYZE Gap Cover:

  • Available to members of a registered medical scheme.
  • Pays up to five times (500%) the medical scheme tariff fee if designated service providers are used.
  • Pays up to one times (100%) the medical scheme tariff fee for shortfalls on:
    - maxillofacial and back and spinal surgery OR for shortfalls where a non-designated service provider was used on a group network option and.
  • Cover applies to the member, spouse and children (up to 26 years of age).
  • Members on multiple medical schemes can be covered under a single iWYZE Gap Cover policy.
  • A spouse, who is a dependant on their partner’s medical scheme, can take up an iWYZE Gap Cover policy and the family will be covered.