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FMI is a division of Bidvest Life Ltd. We offer a suite of disability, critical illness and life cover benefits.

We’ve been protecting South Africans’ income for over 25 years. Our philosophy is simple. Ensure your income stream is never interrupted as a result of injury, illness or death by protecting 100% of your income to cover all monthly expenses and use lump sum benefits to cover any additional once-off costs. We call this our Income First approach and it is a core belief to everything we do at FMI.

Our vision is for all hardworking South Africans to be able to insure their income, no matter what they do for a living. That’s why we’ve been driving product innovation in the income protection space since inception. Today we cover not only high-risk occupations and those sensitive to claim, but also more unorthodox work statuses such as freelancers, dual income earners and contract workers.

We believe in the value of independent financial advice.

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