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Protecting and developing the professional intermediary in South Africa...

Brokers and financial advisors play a key role in the financial services sector as well as the local economy. The FIA – a trade association for intermediaries – strives to protect and develop the professional service of our members and their employees so consumers can benefit from the value of advice, risk management and product fulfilment in today’s DIY world.

The FIA represents approximately 1650 financial services providers who collectively employ 45 000 people. Members include multinational, large, medium and small businesses. Our members operate in healthcare, long-term insurance, short-term (non-life) insurance, employee benefits and investments. The FIA represents members nationally and internationally with key stakeholders such as government and regulators.

Vision of the FIA: We promote and support the interests of the financial intermediated market - to be recognised by all stakeholders as a trusted and essential contributor to the South African economy.

Mission of the FIA: To be an effective voice of our members businesses’ in South African and abroad by: Promoting, developing, educating, supporting and protecting the rights of members

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