Product Description

Our service secures the seamless administration of your collections and payments.

Your business will be managed on a state-of-the-art, sophisticated and flexible premium handling system, known as Xcelerate - proprietary designed and developed on the back of more than 25 years of expertise.

Outsource Partner: the Insurer

  • Move with the preferred trend in the Insurance Industry and manage your collections directly in the account of your Insurer
  • The most efficient way to de-risk your premium collections
  • Functional ability to be part of the payment authorisation processes
  • Transparency of all data movement: collections / deposits / rejections / payments, including audit trail
  • Receive bank-split reports to assist with the credit control reconciliation of accounts to actual bank accounts
  • A variety of reports are available to provide insight into data

Intermediary Partner: the Broker / UMA / Administrator

  • System compatible with all insurance policy administration systems
  • Experience full control of data visibility throughout the collection and payment process
  • Flexible business rules and verification checks to ensure compliance with the fast-changing regulatory environment
  • A variety of reports are available to provide insight into data
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