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The insured is the principal transporter or a transport broker.

The insured still holds a bailee interest as the person responsible for a third party's goods.

The contract of carriage is between the goods owner and the insured, not the sub-contractor.

In this instance, the insured does not want to take full responsibility for the goods they are sub-contracting out, but rather makes the sub-contractor responsible for any loss/ damage to the goods. The transporter has certain obligations to insurers to ensure their sub-contractors have adequate (and paid up) insurance in place, not inferior to that of their policy. The contingent GIT policy will cover the first sub-contractor, but insurers will cover insured's bailee interest and NOT that of the sub-contractor.

The sub-contractor must claim on their own GIT policy first. All other possible claims must have been exhausted.

This is a First Loss policy - i.e.: no average applicable.

In the event that the sub-contractor's GIT policy does not pay, the claim will be considered under the Contingent GIT policy - i.e.: last resort policy, protecting insured and goods owner bailee relationship.

The bailee interest MUST be reduced to "writing"of some kind (STCs, Load Confirmation, Waybill etc.).

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