Product Description

Tax Risk Insurance cover offers individuals, businesses,  business owners and trusts immediate access to some of SA’s top legal and tax experts, if selected for a SARS tax audit or related dispute.

The policy appoints and pays for a team of top tax professionals to defend the taxpayer. This may include tax attorneys, auditors, tax specialists, accountants and other tax advisors who may be required to ensure a fair audit outcome, including covering the cost of their accountant services during a claim.

We guarantee:

  • Affordable premiums
  • Easy to understand cover
  • Cover is retrospective - no waiting periods
  • Access to South Africa’s top tax specialists / lawyers
  • Once policy is active - assistance no matter how far back SARS reassesses
  • Fair tax treatment and audit outcomes
  • Your accountant’s fees are covered for services during the claim
  • Can claim more than once a year
  • Experts to assist you when there is an unexpected SARS’ tax audit and related disputes
  • Fixed indemnity limits so you know what you have available

Please note: Terms and Conditions apply

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  • FSP: 46467